Rosie started Sonoran Rosie in Tucson, Arizona in early 2017.
Rosie has always had a passion for local plants and local foods. While looking for desert aromatherapy products, Rosie saw that there were very few organic, natural products out there that utilized desert herbs. With herbs like creosote (chaparral) growing in abundance all over the North American deserts and that “desert rain” scent being a local favorite, Rosie decided to seek education from older herbalists in the Tucson community to learn all about the basics and start building relationships with creosote and other local desert herbs. 

Rosie dreamed up unique herbal hair and skincare products that all incorporate desert herbs for wellness and aromatherapy. Rosie now forages desert plants and uses them to create herbals that will heal and nourish your body, making you feel beautiful inside and out.

Sustainability is very important to them (because our choices affect our world), so Sonoran Rosie uses local, organic and hand foraged ingredients, 100% sustainable shipping materials, using as little plastic as possible and supporting other small businesses in our community. Rosie wanted to challenge the green beauty industry norms by making all the products gender neutral and cruelty free. They also donate a portion of proceeds regularly to local plant and animal organizations; Tucson Wildlife Center and Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection.

Rosie believes in the power of positive manifestation which is why everything is made small-batch with intention, love and care. Sonoran Rosie’s plant based herbal desert products are always all natural, never any harsh chemicals. When you support Sonoran Rosie you also support all that they stand for.