About Rosie & our desert creations..

In early 2017, Rosie established Sonoran Rosie in Tucson, Arizona, driven by a lifelong passion for indigenous flora and locally-sourced ingredients. While searching for desert aromatherapy options, Rosie noticed there were little to no natural options that incorporated desert herbs. Recognizing both the abundant growth of herbs like creosote (chaparral) in the North American deserts, as well as the popularity of the scent of 'desert rain', Rosie resolved to learn more. They sought education from long standing herbalists in the Tucson community and began studying creosote alongside other local desert herbs.

Inspired by this knowledge, Rosie conceptualized unique herbal hair, selfcare and skincare products that synergistically integrated desert herbs to promote wellness and aromatherapy. By personally foraging desert plants, Rosie and their small team are able to harness their properties to create herbal formulations that improve one's well-being, both inside and out.

Sonoran Rosie recognizes the critical importance of sustainability and takes deliberate steps to leave a positive impact on their environment. Rosie and their team utilize locally-sourced, organic, and sustainably hand-foraged ingredients, as well as prioritizing 100% sustainable shipping materials. They are careful to minimize the use of plastics and work to actively support other small businesses in the community. Sonoran Rosie is also Green Business Certified! Challenging the norms of the established beauty industry, all of Sonoran Rosie products are completely inclusive, gender neutral, and cruelty free. Additionally, a portion of their proceeds are regularly donated to local organizations dedicated to the preservation of plants and wildlife, namely, the Tucson Wildlife Center and the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection.

Rosie firmly believes in the power of positive manifestation, which is why each product is meticulously crafted in small batches with heartfelt intention and the utmost care. Sonoran Rosie's plant-based herbal desert creations consistently adhere to an all-natural formulation, completely devoid of harsh chemicals. When you choose to support Sonoran Rosie, you are also upholding the values and principles they stand for.
In May of 2022, Rosie dreamt up and created a colorful shop in downtown Tucson called Arizona Poppy. With the help of loved ones and the local maker community, Rosie was able to focus on her passion for community and localism. With creations from over 70 local artisans and a focus on the desert, you will find handmade jewelry, ceramics, vintage, potted plants & more! 

(Photography by Elle O Studio)