Desert Facial Kit - all skin types

Desert Facial Kit - all skin types

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This Desert Facial Kit has the power of creosote x 3! Great for acne prone, oily skin, sunspots (dark freckles caused by the sun), dry skin, redness, puffiness, scarring, fine lines etc. It regulates any skin type leaving your skin soft, smooth, soft and blemish free.

The Desert Facial Kit comes with:

- 1 Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner (2oz amber glass mister bottle)

- 1 Desert Primrose Daily Face Oil (1oz amber glass dropper bottle)

- 1 Creosote & Rosemary Cream (1oz amber glass jar with aluminum lid)

* Creosote is a unique desert plant - it smells fresh, woody and just like the desert after it rains! It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Creosote will help heal almost any skin issue. It is truly a power plant! Desert aromatherapy helps bring a calming, grounding feeling. Nature knows best - no need to spend hundreds of dollars on harsh chemical medications. Comes with a cleansing regiment and instructions on how to best use each one and in which order!

Rosie says “I have never used anything on my face both natural and unnatural that has helped with my acne and scarring more than these Creosote potions have!” Selfcare means loving your skin!

Save $8 with the purchase of this kit. * If you aren’t happy with your face after 2 weeks of daily use you can return the kit for a full refund.

* wildcrafted & organic ingredients * sustainably made * cruelty-free * handmade small batch * gender neutral * plant based

* FREE GIFT with $60 or over purchase: you will receive a little hand dyed linen product bag that has been dyed a light pink color using hand foraged cochineal (a natural dye made from the invasive bugs that live on the prickly pear cactus from here in the Sonoran Desert).