Garden grown (ethical) White Sage Bundle 4 inch

Garden grown (ethical) White Sage Bundle 4 inch

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White Sage has become popular in the last few years therefore it has been over harvested in California where it grows wild. Wildcrafting has decimated native sage populations. White Sage should be left to be wild harvested by native people, not by anyone else. So to be able to ethically enjoy the cleansing benefits of white sage we should either grow it ourselves or purchase from someone who grows it.

This white sage was grown, bundled and dried on a small farm in California ( Blossom Valley Sage).

White Sage has a strong, pungent, earthy scent even when burned. The smoke cleans pollutants in the air both physically and spiritually. You can use this bundle to clear any negative energy from your home. You burn the end and blow on it to keep it burning and draw the wand around each window and door. Let the smoke fill every room and touch every corner - both ceiling and floor. Perfect for a new space or to clear the energy of an older space. When using energy clearing tools you want to make sure that the energy of the tool itself is clean therefore using farmed white sage is the best way to know you are using an ethical, positive tool.

4-5 inches long and 2 inches thick. Will last for up to 50 burns.
❓Please message me with any questions. 

🌿 100% plant based 

🐇 cruelty-free 

♻️ sustainably made

🧑 gender neutral

🧴 hypoallergenic

📦 sustainable shipping materials 

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