Monsoon - Creosote bush diffuser scent

Monsoon - Creosote bush diffuser scent

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Let your whole room smell like the desert rain! 

Add a few shakes of this Creosote Diffuser Scent to the water in your oil diffuser machine and in a few minutes your whole room will smell like a desert monsoon! Add more or less for varied strengths.

Extracted from the chaparral plant from the Sonoran Desert. Comes in a either a 2oz or 4oz amber glass bottle. Creosote bush (chaparral) has a strong scent that desert dwellers love because it reminds them of the desert when it rains. It has a woody, resinous, fresh, ancient scent.

Desert aromatherapy brings a calming, grounding feeling.

Creosote bush is very resinous so it can leave a gradual build up of oil in your diffuser (this is true of many plant oils) - if you notice resin build up in your diffuser, take a paper towel with rubbing alcohol to wipe the inside of your machine out and Voila - the resin comes right off!

* Creosote bush is a plant that is well known in the southwestern deserts because it releases its resinous oils after it rains creating that “ desert rain “ scent.

* This liquid is a slight amber color because of the creosote bush resin.

* cruelty-free

* sustainably made

* vegan

* handmade small batch

* herbal all natural

* plant based

* gender neutral

* wildcrafted

* not an essential oil. made from chaparral hydrosol & absolutes so it is water based. Still very potent but not recommended for anything other than a water based electric diffuser machine.

(this is a natural product made from a plant extract. the shelf life of this herbal product is anywhere between 8-12 months. I recommend using often.)

* FREE GIFT with any purchase over $70: a small hand dyed linen product bag that has been dyed a light pink color using hand foraged cochineal (a natural dye made from the invasive bugs that live on the prickly pear cactus) from here in the Sonoran Desert.

*Our processing time varies depending on availability of local plants. You can expect a processing time of 3-10 business days ( this does not include ship time.) If you need your order by a specific date, please reach out via email at , we can usually accommodate. 

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